The Magic Flame (1927)


Ich lehrte Dich das Lachen.

Du gabst mir das Glück.

Rudolph Lothar (Spitzer) as


Ronald Colman ............. Tito,the Clown/

                                           Cassati, the Count

Vilma Banky ................... Bianca,the Aerial Artist

Agostino Borgato ........... Ringmaster

Gustav von Seyffertitz .. Duke Umberto,the Chancellor

William Blakewell .......... Italian Prince

Shirley Palmer ................. The Wife

Cosmo Kyrle Bellew ....... The Husband


To you!

I have taught you how to laugh.

You have given me happiness.

 dedication in “König Harlekin”

 Producer: Samuel Goldwyn

Director: Henry King

Screenplay: Bess Meredith from the

                     play “König Harlekin”

                     by Rudolph Lothar

Photographer: George S. Barnes, ASC

Release dates and timing:

Los Angeles,Million Dollar,August 26,1927

New York,Rialto,September 17,1927

8,308 feet (92 minutes),Variety: 100 minutes


Alternate Titles

König Harlekin, Germany

La Flamme Magique/ La Flamme d’Amour, France

Koning Harlekijn, Netherlands

This film must be considered lost, although several sources claim that the first five reels do still exist at the George Eastman House. Research by me brought about a negative respond from the archivist.

Scans of cinema programmes :

Picture Show Magazine Art Supplement “The Magic Flame”

LBB-Kinoprogramm “König Harlekin” (German)


Stills from the movie are located here.



Harlequin : If you kill me you will kill the idea of monarchy; this beautiful phrase I've kept in mind. The idea of monarchy is strangled by the laughter that my death will provoke. Yes, my lord, I will die joyfully.Strike me, kill me,the King Harlequin by grace of god.

Rudolph Lothar (Spitzer), "König Harlekin"